Antoniana Caffè has more than 30 years of experience in the production and sale of ground coffee beans, making available for such purposes factories for grinding, storing and packaging, without forgetting the spirit and philosophy of the artisanal laboratory that characterises the excellence and superior quality of a product.


The environments dedicated to the production and storing of raw and roasted coffee are in harmony with these products and increase their value. These are environments where one breathes the dedication and passion that Antoniana Caffè puts into the transformation of a blend of raw coffee into an unmistakeable cup of espresso.


The choice and selection of the most precious single origin raw Arabica and Robust coffees are the first steps in which Antoniana Caffè invests their own experience for the good of quality, having over the years consolidated the most dependable suppliers.

To that end Antoniana Caffè has created a parallel structure, exclusively dedicated to the importation and exportation of raw coffee, thus guaranteeing complete control of the supply chain, starting from the source.


Being punctual with the deliveries, speedy to respond to the Clients’ needs, attention, care and maintenance of the equipment, as well as professionalism with our collaborators, are all strong points of a company in continual evolution.

Antoniana Caffè…a Company that knows and appreciates the value of people.

Antoniana Caffè.. Coffee you can’t help but love.